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Resuscitation Trolley

To enhance awareness among nurses the importance of continously maintaining efficiency of the resuscitation trolley in Paediatric Units


To determine compliance and non compliance among nurses in maintaining efficiency of resuscitation trolley.

All nurses must be ensured that all the equipments and drugs are safe and ready to use.

It is the purpose of cardio pulmonary resuscitation and management of other emergencies in the Paediatric Unit.

All nurses:

  1. Are required to be familiar with the location, contents and operation of equipments and supplies on the resuscitation trolley.
  2. Will participate in checking the contents of the resuscitation trolley and ensuring daily checks of the resuscitation trolley.
  3. Maintaining the cleanliness in the resuscitation trolley
  4. Responsible for restocking after use as soon as possible
  5. Ensure the placement of resuscitation trolley in the appropriate area
  6. To ensure twice a day checks by staff who are assigned the defined task
  7. To ensure all staffs awareness of the location and purpose of the resuscitation trolley.

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