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9:35:00 AM

june 18th am. mami attend majlis forum kejururawatan at songket room, rizqun hotel. Sempena hari jururawat dan bidan antarabangsa 2009 with theme 'jururawat dan bidan pemedulian CALAK brunei', anjuran kementerian kesihatan. its nice to seat together n cerita2 while waiting tetamu kehormat datang. I sit between 2 of my nice frens with different stories. one is my senior n one is my junior. I admire my senior marital backgrund, she is very firm but supportive. She is religious n i share wit her religious knowledge, eventhough she told me ia nda habis sekolah ugama. she has got a happy family n her eldest child is become a teenager already n also another toddlers. I ask her wat makes her happy? she told me 'suami yg menghargai dirinya'. she told me her hubby always say thank u even on a small matter. My other junior fren is very young n beautiful. Her big problem is her hubby everyday jealous n marah2 to her until she get bored!. the crisis come to climax until her hubby cut her long n beautiful hair when they quarrel. Now she told me, she has no more feelings toward her hubby. n...she got her scandal..oopps! but she stil love her hubby n children. no comment, she stil young. we just take iktibar dari kedunya k. Really luv god, my kids n my family....n thats my happiness. allahuakbar!

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