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8:26:00 PM

Happy fathers day to all bapak bapak! Im not close to any man, but im very very close to 2 young men hehehe....my kids lah. selamat hari bapa tuk my dad. mami masih ingat when i was small. if mami got fever, nini laki lah yang menjaga mami sampai nini mengantuk. He gav me 'tepod sponging' (small wet towel put onto my forehead) to reduce body temperature. That's cool n practical. Lepas tu nini suruh pakai selimut sampai bepaluh n switch off the fan. Ok pulang lapas bepaluh, badan sejuk n body temp reduced. But mami heran why again lakas balik semula panas badan. Now i know, cepat sweating, cepat balik jua balik panas badan, then beselimut balik. Hehehe sepatutnya opposite pulang, expose jangan pakai selimut, instead pakai thin clothing n pasang fan!. Fan, not aircond. kalau aircond pun, change mode to fan. Rupanya kalau demam, need ventilation bukan 'betangkumus' wit selimut. Now, i do that to my 2 kids, and it works!. But at least, i know how much my dad love his children. Now both my parens sudah pencen, babu recently. Insyaallah, they wil go to mecca for haj. Semoga mereka panjang umur, sihat selalu, murah rezeki dan sentiasa didalam perlindungan allah, amin...

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